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Life’s journey begins long before you know where you want to go


Enter Kosloff Torah Academy Girls’ High School, and embark on a voyage of self-discovery. The dedicated and talented faculty guides students in identifying their strengths and interests, developing their talents, and charting their course for the future. The rigorous Jewish and General Studies programs encourage students to expand their horizons while nurturing lifelong devotion to Torah ideals and values. At KTA you will find a supportive and welcoming all-girls’ learning environment that fosters each student’s personal growth, intellectually, socially and spiritually. Because every student is unique, KTA offers a highly personalized educational program consisting of a wide range of Advanced Placement, Honors and Standard courses as well as remedial support.Warm and caring educators with a passion for teaching make learning come alive and help each student achieve her goals and develop the self-confidence that breeds future success. KTA students travel many paths, but all lead to a common destination: a young woman who is secure, self-aware and growth oriented, with a strong sense of responsibility and commitment to Torah, to Israel, and to the Jewish people.